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When it comes to Math, the best way to learn is through practice. But sometimes my 11 year old son gets bored doing the same problems again and again. ScienceBee takes him along by helping him plan his work and encourages them to compete and thus motivates him a lot. Excellent site!                           - Tse Jahangir, Nashville, Tennessee, Engineer


I was struggling in Math. I just got a B+ in my last exam. - James C.        San Francisco, California    Student


Happy that I found this site online. My son loves using it. Very comprehensive site. - Alevtina Zorina    Russia, Moscow    IT professional


My husband spotted this site and asked me to register. I am glad I did. Our daughter's performance in Math was always worrying for us. But after having her use this ScienceBee site, with my help, she has improved a lot. She is now among the top performers in Math in her class.                                              - Stefford Rellas    San Jose, California Home caretaker


As a working mom, it was difficult for me to take care of my daughter's interest in Math. She kept asking me questions that I didn’t know the answers to. But once I found ScienceBee, I am happy now. She is now on her own. She does the practice exams and likes getting the additional points and badges. She is always eager to see the badges she has won. Her performance in class has improved also. Thanks Sciencebee team :) - Chuthamani Lui    Thailand, Bangkok    Hospital nurse


Thanks for the website. The fact that these questions are from the actual Science Bowl competition matters. Recently he passes the regional science bee competition and participated in the Atlanta national science bee competition. Thanks so much. You are doing a fantastic job.                                    - Edmund Badowski    Tampa, Florida    Parent


My 12 year old daughter's performance has improved and along with it her confidence too. I am so grateful for ScienceBee.                                               - Emily Blunt    Nottingham, UK    Parent


ScienceBee has put our 10 year old son on auto-pilot. He logs in almost daily reading each and every part of the site. This keeps him busy and has been getting excellent scores in Math. - Gabriela Sluga    Atlanta, Georgia    Surgeon


ScienceBee helps me stay ahead of my class and I know more than others in my grade - John Samuel    Seattle, Washington    6th grade student


My daughter had a lot of difficulty with Math. I used ScienceBee to learn the concepts and she started to respond slowly. She is not there yet, but I can say with confidence that she is constantly improving. Its just a matter of time before she aces these exams. - Gaurav Shirke    Mumbai, India    Salvation Army hospital


As a teacher, I have been recommending ScienceBee to the parents and they have been thanking me for that. It is a very well conceived site that addresses not only the basics of Math but also challenges the advanced students. - Rene Murillo    Columbus, Ohio    Teacher


As a high school teacher, I can say that this is the future of education. My daughter uses the study plan a lot to manage her workload. That alone is worth the price of this site. - Igor Scarpello    Italy, Florence    High school teacher


Unlike other sites, I feel that ScienceBee focuses on quality rather than quantity. They have done a good job of making learning fun with quizzes, flashcards, exam cram notes, points, badges and so on. And they are constantly improving, which is the good part. - Naomí Pareja    Edison, NJ    Mom


I bought a 10 user package for my students. They have been following these exercise quizzes and creating their own study notes for exams. I have yet to see a site that provides these functionality and is so user friendly. - Kalevi Reijonen    Norway, Oslo    Middle school teacher


I used to get As already, but now I am getting A+ more often. Happy that I came across this site. - Sandra Moses   Frisco, Dallas   Student


I love the practice quizzes and the competitions. The exam cram and the ability to create my own study notes is very helpful. I wish I used it more than I do now. I know a lot more now than I used to. My Math teacher adores me because I am the one who answers most of the questions, when others dont seem to know the answer. It has helped improve my confidence a lot and my friends often come to me for help. Thanks ScienceBee. - Kareema Salek    Saudi Arabia, Makkah    Student


ScienceBee is the best. It has helped me a lot. - Shirley Thomson    Owings Mills, Maryland    Student


ScienceBee.Org is a very comprehensive site and I recommend it to all parents and teachers. - Katarina Stemmler    Denmark, Randers    Teacher


I found ScienceBee 3 years ago and I have been using it in my school ever since. And my students like it. - Sylvia Charles    Harrisburg, PA    Teacher


My son used to play video games all the time and I was getting concerned. But now, he does the ScienceBee quizzes and the competitions. He is really enjoying and learning at the same time. Double win, cant ask for more. - Manoj Varma    Chennai, India    Mom


As a parent, ScienceBee's grade assignments have helped me get involved with my son's studies. He is in the 6th grade and I am able to guide him using the practice quizzes as well as the reading material such as guides and flashcards. This is a very thorough site. - Martine SaintYves    France, Bordeaux    Parent


I love this site. It's fun and I compete with my other friends, which makes it even more fun :) - Mauricio     Sanz    West New York, NY    Student


I use this site to teach my students. They like this site because it is fun for them. They really love the ScienceBee points feature a lot and often compete with each other in a healthy way. - Oliver    Trust    Manchester, UK    Math teacher


As a parent who is doing homeschool for my son, I cant thank enough. I am at ease with ScienceBee around. I am noticing that they are constantly adding more quizzes and functionality. - William    Baldwin    Melbourne, Australia    Homeschooling parent 


My son loves the awards a lot. It certainly helps to motivate him - Christina    P     Pittsburg, PA    Mom