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What is a two-dimensional graph?

A two-dimensional graph is a set of points in two-dimensional space. If the points are real and if Cartesian coordinates are used, each axis depicts the potential values of a particular real variable. Often the variable on the horizontal axis is called x and the one on the vertical axis is called y, in which case the horizontal and vertical axes are sometimes called the x axis and y axis respectively. With real variables on the axes, each point in the graph depicts the values of two real variables.  

Video: How to Make a Two Dimensional Graph  


How does a graph depict the value of a single complex variable?

Each point in a graph may depict the value of a single complex variable. In this case, the horizontal axis is called the real axis and depicts the potential values of the real part of the complex number, while the vertical axis is called the imaginary axis and depicts the potential values of the imaginary part of the complex number.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Graph of the function      


Video: Plotting complex numbers on the complex plane    


How to draw the graph of a function?

Video: Drawing Graphs of Functions
If the relation between the two real variables is of the form where f is a function giving a single value of y associated with each admissible value of x, then the graph is called the graph of a function. The function could be a polynomial function or a transcendental function.
For example, the graph of the cubic polynomial  is {(x, x3−9x) : x is a real number}. If this set is plotted on a Cartesian plane, the result is a curve (see figure above). 


How to draw graphs of geometric shapes?

Geometric shapes in 2 dimensions

VideoBasic Shapes of Various Functions (Families of Functions)
Two-dimensional geometric shapes are sets of points bounded by line segments or curves, so a shape can also be constructed by graphs of several equations of its boundary. Polygons are the shapes that are only bounded by line segments. These can be visualized by using two-dimensional graphs. Graphs of two polygons, a parallelogram and a right triangle, are shown here along with the graph of a circle.


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