About Points and Badges

About Points and Badges

Listed below are the types of badges, the category for which the badge is assigned as well as the points attached to the badge. 

Points are assigned to students based on their activities on the site such as taking quizzes, logins, sending invites to others to join ScienceBee.Org, reading study guides, and flashcards. 

The levels are in the order of Beginner -> Intermediate -> Advanced -> Expert -> Guru.

In the same way, the badges progress in the following order - Bronze -> Silver -> Osmium -> Gold -> Platinum

  • Beginner level maps to Bronze
  • Intermediate level maps to Silver
  • Advanced level maps to Osmium
  • Expert level maps to Gold
  • Guru level maps to Platinum


Points Type
Quiz Beginner (Bronze Level 10c)
Quiz 10
Quiz Intermediate (Silver Level 50c)
Quiz 50
Quiz Advanced (Osmium Level 5$)
Quiz 500
Quiz Expert (Gold Level 50$)
Quiz 5000
Quiz Guru (Platinum Level 100$)
Quiz 10000
Infrequent Login (Bronze Level 10c)
Login 10
Normal Logins (Silver 50c)
Login 50
Active Logins (Osmium Level 5$)
Login 500
Frequent Logins (Gold 50$)
Login 5000
Very Frequent Logins (Platinum Level 100$)
Login 10000
True Believer (Platinum Level $100)
Login  1000000
Flashcards Beginner (Bronze Level 10c)
Flashcards 10
Flashcards Intermediate (Silver Level 50c)
Flashcards 50
Flashcards Advanced (Osmium Level $5)
Flashcards 500
Flashcards Expert (Gold Level $50)
Flashcards 5000
Flashcards Guru (Platinum Level $100)
Flashcards 10000
Study Guide Beginner (Bronze Level 10c)
Study Guide 10
Study Guide Intermediate (Silver Level 50c)
Study Guide 50
Study Guide Advanced (Osmium Level $5)
Study Guide 500
Study Guide Expert (Gold Level $50)
Study Guide 5000
Study Guide Guru (Platinum Level $100)
Study Guide 10000
Member (Bronze Level 10c)
Invites 100
Insider (Silver Level 50c)
Invites 1000
Advocate (Osmium Level $5)
Invites 10000
Evangelist (Gold Level $50)
Invites 100000