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A mathematical statement of an equality containing one or more variables

One step equations

These are equations that take only one step to isolate the variable. Example x + 5 = 2. When you subtract both sides by 5 you get the answer. 





Solving equations

The trick to solve equations is to isolate the variable.

Simplify each side of the equation first 

  • apply the distributive property as needed
  • combine like terms where possible 

move the variable to one side of the equation

perform the inverse operations of addition or subtraction

perform the inverse operations of multiplication or division as needed

confirm the answer by substituting the value of the variable into the equation.


=22a + 170 = 10a - 44

Add 22a to both sides to get 

170 = 32a - 44

Now add 44 to both sides to get

214 = 32a 

Now divide both sides by 32 to get the value of a

a = 214/32 = 6.6875 

Now substitute the value of a into 170 = 32a - 44 to check the validity of the answer. 



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